CEO Connect #2: June update on our Roadmap Projects

Unimutual Induction Day – 20 July 2021
June 3, 2021
Simon Says: Year of the Bull – Instalment 2
June 11, 2021
Unimutual Induction Day – 20 July 2021
June 3, 2021
Simon Says: Year of the Bull – Instalment 2
June 11, 2021

CEO Connect #2: June update on our Roadmap Projects

Dear Member,

It has been one month since my first communication with you, and I am pleased to be able to report that our projects remain on plan and on time.  I will provide more specific details below but before I do, I would like to introduce you to two new members of the team.


Victor Walter has been appointed Chief Financial Officer and has already joined the team. Victor is a Chartered Accountant holding Batchelor of Commerce and Batchelor of Accountancy degrees.  Victor has extensive experience in the insurance industry previously being CFO of QBE Australia, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe.  More recently Victor was Deputy CEO NDIA until deciding to retire from full time employment.  A family man with four daughters and a keen interest in Rowing, where he serves and a national and international umpire.

Supporting Victor in the finance team from the 15th of June 21 will be Megan Leung who is an experienced Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Business degree.  Meghan has two young children and a keen tennis player.

We welcome both Victor and Meghan to the team.

Given recent new recruits and organisational changes I have attached an updated organisational chart for your information.  However, please feel free to talk to any of us on any matter when you need assistance.

We have reached a point now where I believe that the team that transferred from Regis and our new recruits have combined to provide a more experienced, capable and generally stronger Unimutual community.  I am certain this will be of significant benefit to members and their brokers.

The board has also been strengthened recently with the appointment of Belinda Atkinson Director, Governance Services and Council Secretary, Southern Cross University, Southern Cross University.  In time of substantial transition such as we are undertaking, additional support in reviewing and revitalising the governance process is essential.  Belinda skill and experience will significantly increase our capability.

Roadmap for the Future – progress update

We have committed to providing you with frequent updates on our Roadmap progress.  In an attempt to provide you with minimal reading and at the same time meaningful information, we are trialling a ‘traffic light’ approach for each project.  If its Green, we are on track and on time.  If its Yellow you may need to take a closer look at the comments, perhaps the timeline has shifted, or a detail has changed.  If its Red, we will most likely have already contacted you with details of changes.  At the moment however, everything is green.

You can follow our progress on our Roadmap Updates page, where we will keep you updated on any news relating to the projects.

2021 Conference

Hopefully, you will have already received your invitation to the conference and, again, hopefully by September all states will be open.  If not, and for those that would prefer not to attend in person, the live streamed sessions will be available via the virtual platform.

Registration emails were sent on the 31st May, so please look in your “junk” folder if you don’t see in your inbox.  Or contact Kerry French here if you require another invitation email sent.

Induction Days

Our first Induction Day for the year is scheduled for 20 July. This is a day where we take an opportunity to spend time helping members to better understand the mutual you collectively own.  The day will be of particular benefit to those who are new to Unimutual and wish to learn more about our Protections and Member Services. It will also provide an opportunity for you to meet the Unimutual Team and colleagues from other organisations and share experiences. Please contact Kerry French at if you are interested in attending.


Terry Ibbotson

Managing Director & Acting CEO

Read Simon Iliffe’s latest article “Simon Says” here

Follow our progress on our Roadmap Updates page here

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