January 13, 2017

CSIRO Report Highlighting Australia’s Digital Future – Issue 40

For the past several years, Unimutual with its Members, has examined potential new risks resulting from the promise of Australia’s digital future. For example, in a […]
January 13, 2017

Lessons From Losses: Recent Hacking of US Universities – Issue 41

In Emerging Risk Issue 40, we reviewed the CSIRO’s report on Australia’s digital future. The report has proven useful in developing loss scenarios for critical Australian […]
January 16, 2017

Ebola Virus: A Reason for Caution and Risk Planning – Issue 42

In past issues of Emerging Risk we examined the threats to higher education institutions resulting from widespread illness and pandemics. (See Issues # 6, 7, 17). […]
January 16, 2017

Ebola Virus: A Reason for Caution and Risk Planning, Report #2 – Issue 43

Emerging Risk Report #42 discussed the early developments in the spread of the Ebola Virus in Africa, however, since July; the disease has rapidly spread, including […]
January 16, 2017

Emerging University Strategic Risks for 2015 – Issue 44

At this time of year, many Unimutual Members begin their environmental scanning for emerging strategic risks to be considered as part of the university planning cycle. […]
January 16, 2017

Sonic Damage to IT Equipment – Issue 45

University data centers house some of the most vital items of property owned by an institution, however, they are extremely vulnerable to the risk of fire. […]
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