Sean Portelli

Business Manager, University College, The University of Melbourne

Unimutual manage relationships very well. They build and provide trust. They oversee and specialise in the Tertiary sector and use the mutual model (working for their members who are owners). As a follow on, they’ve successfully created a member community whereby all and sundry want to contribute in the protection of each other’s assets, and mitigate each’s liabilities. That’s why I would endorse them over others.

Steve Semmler

Insurance Officer, Flinders University

The best part of Unimutual is their friendliness to everyone and the service level, which is backed by product knowledge and have an appreciation of the challenges that University staff experience on a daily basis. Why would I recommend them? Because of their expertise, a great product and certainly their competitiveness in the Insurance market place.

Louise Hope

Insurance Services Manager, The University of Queensland

Unimutual is a unique organization that is responsive, engaged and its staff go above and beyond to be helpful. They make effort to understand the complexity of the University’s business and are very quick to respond to queries or problems. Unimutual’s willingness to listen to its members and adapt accordingly is second to none. A commercial insurer just would not be able to respond in such a useful and direct way.

John Da Fonte

Procurement Manager, Financial Services, University of Wollongong

Unimutual always provide both myself and the University team, great service and a positive experience. Their expertise and willingness to assist, creates a great deal of confidence in reaching a positive outcome.

If I contrast Unimutual’s handling of this situation with a traditional insurance company, we might have had someone who would not have understood university values – a company that didn’t realise we can’t issue commands to academics and assume they’ll be implemented with military compliance.

It was great to come to a resolution and action payment so quickly. I didn’t detect any ducking and weaving around policies. Unimutual was straightforward to deal with.

The challenge of a university is that we have a little bit of everything – every hazard you could imagine. It’s a complex insurance space in terms of risk assessment, but Unimutual’s coverage outlines the breadth of risk you have to tackle at universities.