Member Matters Issue #3, September 2022
October 19, 2022
CEO Connect #4, November 2022: Renewals update
November 1, 2022

Cyber Incident Notification and Claims Protocol

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Your company discovers a cyber security breach… Now what?

In the face of a cyber incident, taking immediate action and following the correct notification procedure could significantly reduce a potential loss.

This information is provided as a guide for Unimutual Members and AXA XL to follow in the event of a cyber incident. It is not intended to, and shall not, form part of the Cyber Protection Policy. It identifies relevant key contacts, process and documentation required to expedite the claim and actions to be taken by relevant parties.

If you know, or have reasonable grounds to suspect, that you have suffered a Data Breach, Network Compromise, Extortion Threat, system failure, dependent business system failure or adverse publicity (as defined in the Unimutual Limited Product Disclosure Statement Part 6 – Cyber Protection), a quick and effective response will help avoid or minimise financial and reputational impacts to your organisation including exposure to third party claims and regulatory actions.


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