Broker Business Issue #2, 2021
May 7, 2021
Simon Says: Bring on the Year of the Bull
June 2, 2021
Broker Business Issue #2, 2021
May 7, 2021
Simon Says: Bring on the Year of the Bull
June 2, 2021

Webinar – Cyber Security Scorecard

This Webinar is delivered to you by AXA XL with guest presenters from S-RM and Headsure.

Login below to listen to the full webinar, and learn more about Security Scorecard and how this software application evaluates an organisation’s IT security by accessing publicly available information and comparing findings against data-driven objective metrics.

Security Scorecard report

As part of its Cyber Protection Programme, Unimutual and its lead reinsurance partner AXA XL are happy to offer Members a courtesy Security Scorecard Report.

Security Scorecard evaluates an organisation’s cyber security using data-driven metrics and produces a report with easy-to-read ratings across a number of information security dimensions including DNS health, IP reputation, web application security, network security, leaked information, hacker chatter, endpoint security and patching cadence.

The Report also benchmarks an organisation against its peers in the same industry and provides a list of ranked actionable issues for the organisation to address if they want to improve their cyber security.

The Security Scorecard report forms part of AXA XL Cyber underwriting process.

Frequently asked questions

What are security ratings?

How does Security Scorecard collect data and calculate security ratings?

What does a security rating mean?

What are the benefits of security ratings?

How can we improve the accuracy of our Security Rating?

Security Scorecards for universities and other educational institutions are often complicated by the fact that parts of your network may be allocated for student or guest usage, and therefore reflects the security of devices and endpoints that are not relevant to your “core” network and date assets.

In order to make your score more accurate you can filter specific IP Address Range(s) and/or Domains and/or CIDR ranges.  If you want AXA XL to do this and create a customised Security Scorecard for you, to better reflect the security posture of your organisation, please complete the table below:

Range Description

Range to Filter in Range to Filter Out

University Network

Student user Network

Other networks

Access to Security Scorecard

AXA XL can provide courtesy access to one or two users per organisation, to enable them to directly query Security Scorecard.  Please provide the Name and email address of individuals to and we will arrange for access:

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