CEO Connect #3: July update on our Roadmap Projects

Simon Says: Year of the Bull – Instalment 3
June 21, 2021
Member Matters Issue #3, July 2021
July 23, 2021

CEO Connect #3: July update on our Roadmap Projects

Dear Member,

Halfway to Renewal – Critical Progress Update

We are now at the halfway point between the day Unimutual took control of the management of your mutual, and the members renewal date.

As I promised, we have provided a completely transparent critical review of our progress.  Whilst I am very pleased with the progress overall three have moved from green to amber.

Payment Certainty The move to amber is to indicate a change in methodology rather than a delay in the timetable. Whilst being well received by reinsurers our initial approach is proving challenging to implement for some. Consequently, we are working on one of the alternative options that may be easier for them to digest. I expect this to return to green in the near future

Service Offering We have moved this to amber because the project does not seem to have the value for member that we thought it might. We will continue through the research period to assess any further interest, and in any event will maintain the service into the future for those members currently engaged.

Member Plans – This has become a very exciting project with excellent member participation.  Every meeting is generating additional ideas, all of which add value to what is likely to become an important tool for both members and Unimutual. On the downside, the amount of work being generated is exceeding our expectation and even though we have recruited an additional team member to support the project, we have moved to amber as we will not meet our current targets.  Even with the additional resource it is likely we will need to re-plan this project and revise the target dates.

So, we have six project green and three yellow but no significant setback to report.  As we are moving ever closer to the renewal date, I will provide the next update in webinar form together with my team so that you have the opportunity to raise any issues that you may have.

Roadmap for the Future – progress update for 8 July

You can review the email update with details for all projects here, or download a pdf copy of the update here.

You can follow our progress on our Roadmap Updates page, where we will keep you updated on any news relating to the projects.


Terry Ibbotson

Managing Director & Acting CEO


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Follow our progress on our Roadmap Updates page here

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