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December 1, 2016
University Recreation Facilities Checklist
December 1, 2016

Standards For Animal Welfare Checklist

This form applies to use of animals in the conduct of approved University research. It is designed to promote both the uninterrupted progress of University research and the wellbeing of animals used for scientific purposes.

This checklist should be used when establishing a program using animals in research and as a tool for the regular auditing of animal welfare during the course of scientific research. It is recommended University staff conduct an audit using this checklist on at least an annual basis in all programs which use animals for scientific purposes. This checklist should be used in conjunction with other University procedures including those which relate to OHS, procurement, research ethics and risk management.

This checklist is generic and not designed to be comprehensive for all research applications. It is recommended that each research group using this checklist, employ modifications to ensure it is appropriate for their areas of research and their use of scientific animals.

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