Broker Spotlight: Josef Radinja
November 29, 2019
CEO Connect #5: Looking back at 2019
December 10, 2019
Broker Spotlight: Josef Radinja
November 29, 2019
CEO Connect #5: Looking back at 2019
December 10, 2019

Simon Says: Year of the Pig

scientist, researcher, technician, or student conducted research or experiment by using microscope which is scientific equipment in medical, chemistry or biology laboratory

By Simon Iliffe, Unimutual Risk Manager

This edition of ‘Simon Says’ summarises what happened in 2019 and what to expect in 2020; information on the claims of 2018/19; Christmas shutdown checklists for your reference; and Simon’s closing jokes for your enjoyment. 

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Weather forecast for 2020

Last year it was intense storms and localised flooding. This year, we have already witnessed an early and horrific commencement to the bushfire season across the country, and respite is unlikely as summer takes hold. As I write this bumper edition of the Simon Says, in a single day (26 November), we witnessed 50 bushfires still burning across NSW, a supercell wreaking a path of havoc from western Sydney up to the northern beaches and down to the snow in Perisher Valley.

Simon Says, we can expect to see these types of high intensity and “unusual” weather events on a more regular basis as the atmosphere is stoked with more heat and water.

In terms of rainfall, there is very little to look forward to, however when it does rain, it is likely to be all at once. The climate outlook into the new year continues to favour below average rainfall for most of Australia, particularly on the eastern half of the continent. The current positive Indian Ocean Dipole suggests a reduction in rainfall in central and south eastern Australia during spring and the early part of summer.

For northern Australia, the current outlook is for a late onset of the wet season across the Northern Territory and Queensland. For interest, the next eleven tropical cyclones to form in Australia’s area of responsibility will be named: Blake, Claudia, Damien, Esther, Ferdinand, Gretel, Harold, Imogen, Joshua, Kimi, Lucas.

In general, the Bureau of Meteorology suggests that it will be a hot summer across the country with below average rainfall, conditions which will result in more and more catastrophic bushfire days. Notwithstanding this, we have already seen the formation of supercell conditions and some very intense storms as hot dry air from the interior mixes with moisture laden from onshore streams. Bearing this, follow the links below to find bushfire and storm loss control resources.

Bushfire Risk Management checklist

Storm checklist

Updated Holiday Shutdown Checklists

The thing I love about reviewing the Holiday Shutdown Checklist is that it means Christmas is almost here. The Holiday Shutdown Checklists have been updated after a series of insightful suggestions by Members and have now been posted on the Unimutual website. Many thanks to those that made suggestions and I hope using the checklists not only results in peace of mind whilst on your break, but also ensures a hassle-free return to work in January. As usual, there are four versions of the checklist:

  1. The master version which contains everything
  2. The security team version
  3. The facilities team version
  4. The lab managers version

Dad joke section

The Lost Dog

Advertisement in the local paper – LOST DOG

Text reads “Only has three legs, missing an ear and an eye, has very few teeth and a broken tail – has been recently castrated.

Answers to the name LUCKY.”


What is black and white and eats like a horse? A zebra

Is camping loitering within tent?

Can you run in a campground? No…. You must “ran” because it’s past tents.

Medical and Political

At a medical conference the Russian doctor was boasting how he had completed a heart transplant on a man who recovered so quickly he was back working within a month. Not to be outdone, the American doctor shared her success with a heart-lung-liver transplant recipient who was back at work within a month.

The Aussie doctor scoffed “You fellas have got nothing – we recently did an anus transplant in Canberra and half the country was out of work within the month!”


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