Unimutual and Broker Charter

Purpose: A shared commitment to our Members/Clients, their People and the Communities they serve

Unimutual and Broker Goals

Members/Clients first.  We make their interests our priority

Agility – we’re constantly challenging the status quo and embracing innovation

Precision – we consistently excel in everything we do

Professional commitment

Ethical behaviour

Transparency and accountability

To serve our Members/Clients through risk protection and prevention


Tripartite relationship Industry experts

Deep understanding of our Members/Clients

Quality communication and engagement

Our Members/Clients have a voice in the process

Cost advantage is passed on to our Members/Clients

Roles and Responsibilities

Provide best practice risk management and protection to Members/Clients with integrity

Provide expertise, skills, care and diligence

Provide high standards of customer service

Provide clear, ongoing communication


Continue to strengthen our relationship through regular stakeholder engagement

Provide clear information about our products and services

Communicate regularly

Be open and transparent at all times

Act in the best interests of our Members/Clients

Challenge the status quo and embrace innovation


Comply with our legal and industry obligations

Communicate with current and prospective Members/Clients in a clear and timely manner

Work together to provide a positive experience for our Members/Clients

Consistently excel in everything we do Commitment to Codes of Conduct


Integrity and respect Honesty and accountability Agility and responsiveness

Social and personal responsibility

Unique Value Proposition:

Unimutual and Brokers will work in conjunction with our Members/Clients to provide risk prevention advice, protection against financial loss, and industry thought leadership for current and emerging risks

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