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After The Flood Checklist

Water damage to buildings can be caused by a range of different mechanisms including but not limited to: Ingress of water during a storm event due […]

After the flood checklist

After the Flood Section 1 – Details of the loss What happened, where did it happen. Safety first and assessing the risks Section 2 – Who […]

After the floods: lessons learnt

Log in to see the video of: The presentation on UTAS flood by Matt Smith and Jarrod Shaw from the 2018 Unimutual Conference. Find all our […]

Time to Update the Language of Risk

By Harry Rosenthal, General Manager, Risk Management Services One of the most challenging aspects a risk professional’s job is working through the problem of actual risk […]

Simon Says: What a dog of a year it was!

By Simon Iliffe, Unimutual Risk Manager Goodbye to 2018 – the year of the dog – from “Simon Says”: a dirty dog of a year for […]

Looking into the near distance: the insurance market in 2018 and beyond

By Pete Watts, Underwriting Manager There has been much dialogue – both in-house here and throughout the wider industry – about the current state of the insurance […]

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