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Following an extensive national and international search, we are very pleased to announce the appointment of Geoff Henderson as the new CEO of Unimutual.

Geoff brings more than 25 years’ experience in the insurance industry, leading successful businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

He has worked across the whole insurance value chain, including underwriting, claims management, customer and stakeholder engagement, broker distribution, strategy, operations and marketing.

Geoff has led large and small teams in public and private sector organisations, most recently leading the customer engagement function in Insurance & Care NSW. His strong affinity for Mutuals and focus on customer engagement distinguished Geoff from a pool of exceptional candidates.

Geoff’s priority over the next few months is to meet with as many of our members as possible. He is keen to hear your thoughts on Unimutual and the services we provide for our members.

Why choose Unimutual?

Thanks to our member-owned structure, Unimutual offers universities, higher education-focused and research institutions asset and risk protection products and services that are tailored to the specific needs of the education sector.

“I suppose if you apply the stereotypes of what you expect from an insurance company, Unimutual doesn’t compare. They don’t keep you waiting on the phone. They visit their member sites and undertake a proper and thorough assessment of their potential risk. They provide advice on risk mitigation. They provide advice on how to keep member contributions down. They are very responsive. They work with you to settle any claims. They share both member and specialist knowledge. They don’t fit the mould.”
University College, The University of Melbourne

As a Unimutual Member or broker partner, you enjoy access to:

Value-driven protection only a not-for-profit mutual can offer because surpluses are redirected to Member benefits rather than shareholders’ dividends.

One of the higher education and research institutions sector’s most comprehensive resources library with a large collection of insurance data, articles and insights.

A community of your industry peers facilitating shared learning and development of sector best practice around asset and risk protection, management and loss mitigation.

Unimutual’s expert key account management team who have significant experience in risk management within the sector.

To understand more about Unimutual’s history, purpose and structure, visit “Our Story”

How Unimutual can help

Unimutual’s antecedents first offered protection to Australian and New Zealand universities in 1989. This means we have a long track record of helping Members with asset and liability risk protection and can tailor our services to your needs.

We're here for you

Unlike a traditional insurance company, Unimutual exists solely for its Members. This means you can expect a different experience with us, an experience that puts you first.

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